Auriga WPS Consulting

Auriga WPS Consulting is a small business dedicated to conducting community-based and culturally sensitive projects involving research, evaluation, and data analyses for mission-driven programs, organizations, and systems.

For many individuals and organizations, the words "data" and "research" inspire dread and anxiety. In increasingly high-compliance and high-accountability industries, such as education, Auriga WPS provides a broad range of services that ensure rigorous, accessible, and actionable findings and products that enable programs to succeed.

The company was founded by Nolan Malone, who has worked for over 20 years conducting demographic, social, and education research. His vision for Auriga is to conduct the research activities that clients require, while building the needed capacity and communication tools that allow programs to grow and thrive, without dependence on external contractors and consultants.

We welcome your inquires. Please contact us at the addresses or phone number at the bottom of this page.